A Matter of National Security

President Obama addresses the nation tonight about health care. I am glad he is making this opportunity to speak directly to all of us.

I do not know what results will come from this important moment, but I am concerned that once again the media, the experts, the politicians will get caught up in the “who’s up, who’s down” syndrome. I am really tired of the shallowness, and frankly, the silliness, of much of what passes for public debate these days.

Frank & Ernest 090109I guess I am an unreconstructed liberal when it comes to things like health care. Of course, it comes from my faith: e.g., Jesus teaching about the 100th lamb. I believe the social contract we have with each other requires that we do what needs to be done to be sure every citizen has adequate health care.

And that is not simply altruism. It is self-interest, too. A healthy nation is a safer nation, a more productive nation.

For me, health care is a matter of national security. We will sooner die as a viable society from our internal failures to care for each other than we will be destroyed by external forces seeking to harm us.