What Are You Doing for Women and Girls?

Today, I am celebrating Rev. Antoinette Brown Blackwell–the first woman ordained a minister in the U.S. on this date in 1853. Tomorrow, I will celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the Episcopal Church deciding to ordain women. Both good reasons to celebrate.

Rev. Antoinette Brown Blackwell
Rev. Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Women. More than half the human race. But still denied full equality by many.

We recoil in horror at reports of female genital mutilation, at girls being forced to marry old men, at educational opportunities denied on the basis of gender, of parents killing children because they are not boys. In our own country, many cannot yet accept the idea of a woman being president, let alone priests and pastors.

Rev. Dr. Carter Heyward, my friend and mentor and one of the first 11 Episcopal woman ordained
Rev. Dr. Carter Heyward, one of the first 11 Episcopal woman ordained

Why do we trip over gender? Not to mention varieties of gender identity and expression?

We must redouble our efforts to end the social stigma attached to women, and seek to change law and/or religion that enshrine such prejudice. We have made great progress, but for too much of the world being a woman means being denied full human dignity.

I commit to doing something every week, if not every day, to challenge gender-based bias. What about you?