“NO!” to Hate

Another gay man has been brutally murdered in Jamaica. John Terry, 65, was a British diplomat living in Jamaica.

His crime? Being gay, and being active in helping the local LGBT movement gain strength. For that, he was severely beaten and a cord was tied around his neck.

This is why we call attention to the singing of Buju Banton, the reggae singer who spouts homophobic lyrics that include death threats against “batty boys” (Jamaican slang for gay men), and oppose his singing in Richmond and Norfolk.

The National cancelled his appearance in Richmond, but now he is scheduled to appear at The Hat Factory (formerly Toad’s Place) in Shockoe Slip in Richmond.  You can call them to register your request that they cancel the show, 804/788-4281.

And check out this video from Sunshine Cathedral MCC in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, where the pastor, Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins asks for prayers for the LGBT folks of Jamaica. The global MCC movement, through staff from Sunshine Cathedral, provides ongoing financial, spiritual, and leadership support to the LGBT rights movement in Jamaica.

God calls upon all people, and certainly people of faith, to speak up against hate–and to pray for all kinds of love.