You Are the Light of the World

Attitude is key.

  • I can allow myself be a victim of circumstances or I can see difficulty as an opportunity for creativity and transformation–at least of me.
  • When I feel overwhelmed by others and their needs, I can choose to cherish the intimacy they offer and find God in what we share.
  • When all seems lost, I can grab the chance to go to God in need and prayer, and be grateful for God’s presence in my life.
  • When guilt or shame seems ready to wipe away the rest of me, I can remember that I am created in God’s image.

Sure, changing attitudes can be tough, especially when we need it most. But it is worth the struggle.

sunshine outLife with a positive attitude is so much richer, more whole, than the other way. What kind of person do you want most to be around, and to be?

God gives us the free will to create our own attitudes. And God gives us enough gifts every day from which we can fashion a good, if not great, attitude.

Let the light shine through you today.