Notes that Matter

What would life be without the piano?

I have been thinking about this as we welcome a new pianist to our church–Yulia Roubtsova is a highly talented Russian, trained at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Her husband also is a pianist, teaching in the Music Department at Virginia Commonwealth University.

My husband also is an accomplished pianist, having played in piano bars in New York, and at Art 6 in Richmond and also at our church.

grand pianoWe have been without the services of a regular pianist for about two months (we did have a couple of great subs, but mostly we went without).  Until Yulia played for service recently, I had been bravely pretending we were okay. But just hearing the first notes Sunday morning brought tears to my eyes.

Today, in 1763, the first piano was built in the United States. It was a sign of growing sophistication in the colonies.

I took the piano for granted, until we didn’t have it. I am glad we will receive our weekly dose. Funny how some things make such a difference.

Life is better now, note by note.