Of Questions and Answers

question mark lightningA wise teacher told me long ago, “By their questions, you shall know them.”  If we are to gain in wisdom, and spiritual knowledge, we must ask questions.

Sometimes, we ask in frustration or anger or crisis–why God did you allow this bad thing to happen? Sometimes, we ask from curiosity or gentle concern–how do we read the Bible without picking up some of the negativity contained in it?

God loves it when we care enough to question, to doubt. It means that we actually experience relationship with Him.

God asks questions, too. She wants us to answer. Actually, God wants dialogue.

But that dialogue often is marked by long silences.

I remember an old man in the small town in which I grew up. He did not say much, and if I asked him a question, he took a long time to answer. In the meantime, he would alternately gaze off in the distance and at me. His looking at me often made me squirm. He seemed to see right through me.

But he had the most interesting things to say. The wait was nearly always rewarded.

Its like that with God.