A Very Special Day

Do you know how special today is?

Of course, many people claim today as their birthday (Bruce Springsteen is 60!) and others mark anniversaries of other kinds (Sigmund Freud died in 1939). Plenty of historical events, too (Richard Nixon gave his famous “Checkers Speech in 1952–just think what might NOT have happened if his speech had bombed).

But those are not the reasons today is special.

fall road pictureToday is special because it is the only day we have. And we are alive to enjoy it.

Sure, the world is in a mess. My study is a mess. Those two things are hardly on the same scale, but they both cause distress (for me, at least). I am sure you can come up with some troubles of your own.

But God created us, you and me, and we are able to write and read this, and do many things that without life would be denied to us.

So, here’s to life!

Enjoy it. Today.