Freedom Still Rings

For a while, I was riding high.

liberty_bell_1In August, daily readership of my humble blog jumped from the 30-50 range to more than 100, sometimes going as high as 150. I was surprised, but certainly happy. What author does not appreciate a growing audience?

Then, the other day, the numbers dropped, precipitously–from 159 on September 16 to 28 on September 19, up a bit to 50 on September 24, back in the 30’s since then.

What is going on, dear readers?

Investigation revealed that a lot of people were checking out July 8, “Let Freedom Ring,” concerning the ringing of the Liberty Bell–the first time in 1776 and then later in the 1960s when lesbian and gay activists began protesting for liberty at the bell.

I guess the excitement has died down.

Does that mean less liberty, fewer rings of the bell, fewer protests?Independence Hall gay rights marker

No way. We’ve just begin to fight for our rights!

And yes, this is a test to see if using the same pictures will bring any of those readers back (I apologize to those who check in here for something fresh . . . . . just a test today).

May your day be filled with joy and hope, and may you feel emboldened to ring the bell of freedom in your life today.