The Truth of Biscuits

baking powder biscuitMy mother used to make the very best baking powder biscuits in the world. Always flaky and light, they never failed to delight me and my father, and lots of others, too.

She left me her recipe, and yesterday I tried it. It worked!

Our oven must be a little hotter because they were overdone in the prescribed time. And they need a little more baking power–it may be the difference between Michigan and Virginia. But they are good. I shall make them again.

I tried the recipe once before, about 15 years ago, right after my mother died. The biscuits did not come out like hers. In fact, they were pretty bad.

I decided I could not make them.

Looking back, I can see that my disappointment had less to do with my skill in making biscuits and more to do with the loss of my mother. But I have lived all these years thinking I cannot do something I wanted to do.

How often do I let a negative experience govern my life? 

Here’s the Biscuit Truth: Learn from disappointments and failures, but let the course of my life be guided by my desires and dreams.