Of Genes and Choices

From time to time, a geneticist engages in research about what “causes” homosexuality. This causes LGBT folks to worry.

Some fear that the goal is to find “the gay gene” and then seek to change it. No one has yet to say that the goal of such research is to strengthen homosexuality or even to create more of it. Does anyone feel the need to find the “causes” of heterosexuality?

At the same time, the whole idea seems ridiculous. Instead of taking our lives as simply part of the human condition and indeed as part of the divinely order Creation, people feel a need to validate us scientifically. What if this idea were applied to others, whom society sees as simply “normal?”

Check out this video, to add context to the discussion:   

I hope you enjoy the humor, but also can reflect on the idea that it is the things we choose that are most real about us. Even if we are born L, G, B or T, or Christian, we have a choice whether and how to live our birthright, and thus, whether and how to live out the challenges and meanings and joy of our choices.