God/Dog: Some Connections

An atheist I once knew used to say, “God is dog spelled backwards.” I would respond, “No, dog is God spelled backwards.”

summerfall 2009 030Today, as I get used to caring for, and playing with, our new nine-week-old standard poodle, Cocoa, I am thinking about the connection between God and dog.

Here are some of the connections I am making.

  • For every bit of love I give to our dog or God, I receive much more in return.
  • For every moment I spend with our dog or God, I am rewarded with a smile (my own).
  • When I feed our dog, or give to God, they grow in my life.
  • When our dog naps, I am reminded of God’s desire that we keep the sabbath.
  • When I take our dog out for his “business,” I am reminded that God helps me let go of “stuff” in my life.
  • When our dog learns to navigate steps, I am reminded how God helps me to take baby steps forward into changing my life

Unlike my friend, I do not need to reduce God. Indeed, the longer I live, the more God I see.