Freedom for All

“We can no longer pretend that civil rights do not include rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.”

Dr. Julian Bond
Dr. Julian Bond

With those words, Julian Bond, Chair of the Board of the NAACP, once again speaks forthrightly about the cause of equality for all Americans. I remember when he spoke several years ago at the Equality Virginia dinner–an inspiration for all and a powerful example of cutting through old biases to justice. He will be speaking at the National Equality March this Sunday.

May we who are LGBT, and who seek our rights under the law and in society, be as willing and courageous as Dr. Bond–and Coretta Scott King–to speak up for those other than ourselves who also are still denied dignity: racial/ethnic groups, immigrants, the differently-abled, religious minorities, women, and others.

“When all people are free to live up to their full potential, all of society benefits.”

Right on, Julian Bond.