No Rules, Just Pray

A friend asked for prayer yesterday, saying, “I know you’re not supposed to pray for something specific, but I’d really appreciate it if you would pray for . . . . ”

kneeling in prayerI assured him that I had no problem praying for what he needs (he reallyneeds this help), and that also it is okay to pray for himself.

When can we learn that there are no rules about prayer?

God receives, with joy and care, all that we share in prayer. If we pray for a Rolls Royce, God hears it. If we pray for world peace, God hears it. If we pray for healing for a friend, or ourselves, God hears it.

Of course, God may not answer all these prayers the same way!

But I promise you–yes, I promise, because God proves it in my life, and demonstrates it can be true in yours–if you pray AND do so regularly, the channel between you and God will become ever wider and deeper and more filled with blessing.

Start today. Do it again tomorrow. And the next day.

You’ll notice the difference. I promise.