God’s Designs

Guggenheim Museum50 years ago today the Guggenheim Museum opened to the public in New York City.

The shape that many thought wierd in 1959 has become iconic now–a symbol of artistic excellence, and occasionally daring. It may not be the best of Frank Lloyd Wright–I leave that judgment to others more qualified–but it surely is his best known design.

I like to think that this is the way God might design an art museum, except that God would be a little wilder. The Guggenheim is a swirl of sorts, but God’s patterns–in my life, at least– usually seem to have some meandering, too. The swirls don’t go evenly.

I often know I am on the right path when things don’t go too smoothly. I mostly have given up having “my ducks in a row.”

Problems, mistakes, even crises, are occasions for grace, and growth, and trusting God. How would I grow in spiritual health and strength if everything went smoothly?