La luta continua (the struggle continues)

Despite professional polling and pundits, we never entirely know what goes through the minds of other voters.

I really thought Maine voters would reject intolerance. And I hoped Virginia voters would be more balanced, perhaps slimming the margin of the candidate for Attorney General who thinks LGBT folks behave against natural law.

But enough of the voters, at least among those who voted, are still scared, I guess. In Maine, the Roman Catholic Church still holds considerable influence and its theological rigidity resists change.

Stay The CourseI continue to believe, however, that these losses are simply rear-guard actions, fighting off, for a time, the change that will come, the change that is coming, the change that is already here. We see a form of Massive Resistance in these results.

Like that earlier time, the day is coming when legislatures will pass, and Governors will proclaim,  apologies for injustice done, when the silent ones will be silent no more, when justice will “roll down like the waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing steam.”

La luta continua. The struggle continues. Stay the course. God reigns.