Shining Today

The rain just keeps on coming down. Tropical Storm Ida may not have packed a big punch, but she is sharing plenty of wind and rain–at least across Central and Eastern Virginia.

sunshine outIt reminds me of our recent workshop, “Becoming the Person You Are Meant to Be: Writing Your Own Personal Mission Statement. Nine people joined me for a day of self-exploration, prayer, connection with God, discerning our passions, and then pulling it all together in a few words.

You may not get the connection between Ida’s rain and the workshop. Here’s what I see.

I have a mission statement that is somewhat long, but the short version is just three words: I am shining.shining sun

That’s what mission statements do: they remind you to shine even when its raining cats and dogs and the wind is howling and the forecast is for more of the same.

I am shining today. What’s your mission?