God Is Dark, Too

As I write, the barest hint of dawn rises.

Cocoa and I walked earlier, in the dark. Walking at that time is refreshing in a strange sort of way. Certain parts of the landscape, that are easy to miss in the daylight, stand out at night. Other things fade out in the darkness.

Rustlings that would be missed during the busy day now sound clearly in the night’s near silence.

It can be easy to feel joy and praise God when the sun is shining and the fall colors are vibrant. All seems right with the world when it looks like a impressionist painting or a shining photograph.

But God is in the darkness, too. The silhouettes of the trees are gently beautiful. Cocoa and I have a special closeness, bonding in the togetherness of the dark.

I find myself saying several times, “Thank you, God.” Thank you for this special time, this quiet time, this healing time.

God is not only light, but also dark.