New Tricks

Puppy training is teaching me some good lessons, too.

For example, instead of saying “No” every time he does something I don’t want him to do, I am learning to praise him (and give him a treat) every time he does something I want him to do.

Just think if went around giving praise constantly to others–what a difference that could make in their lives, our lives, the life of the world!

Also, just because Cocoa does something as a puppy doesn’t mean he will do it as a more mature dog. I remember this when he seems bent on repeating unwelcome behavior.

Stephen Covey said it well, “You can live outside your autobiography when that is needed.” I am not captive to my past. I have choices.

I can remember that about other people, too. Just because someone did something that displeased me one time doesn’t mean they will do it again (although they may!). I need to watch for how people are changing, and give them the space to do that.

Puppies need training, and it helps me, too. It’s never too late to teach a young pup, or an older one, new tricks.