Did God Speak?

How do we know when God speaks to us? Is it only with a big. booming voice–like the gospel writer describes when Jesus came up out of the baptismal water–or is it the still small voice, or breeze–like that which Elijah experienced?

Or is it just a sense of clarity that something we did not know for sure, something perhaps we intuited but still wondered about, is actually true? Really, completely true. Or a brand new revelation that we just know is true. God true.

God speaks to me all the time. Sadly, I often don’t listen. And even when I do, I often only hear part of the message, or I get it wrong.

So, God keeps on speaking–in all sorts of ways, including through other people.

God speaks to you, too.

When I began this post, I had no idea what I would write about. I just knew I had missed writing. So I opened the screen. The first sentence came into my head; it felt inspired. That got me started. The rest flowed.

I make no claim that God spoke this way. But then again, why not?