Wherever You Are

Snowstorm Causes Cancellation of Church Services.

For many pastors and church leaders, this is a nightmare. We think of all the people who would have come to church and put something in the offering and who now won’t do it. The church still needs to pay the oil bill, but now there is less with which to do it.

But, there is another way to see this.

Church should not be the only place people praise God. We can do so at home, alone and/or with others. Or with our neighbors. We can do so online, or on the phone. We can sing a hymn of praise in the shower.

We can dedicate our breakfast to God, and call it communion.

So, if you’re home and not in church because of snow (or any other natural disaster or sickness) you can feel God where you are, and you can even share God.

It is no substitute for gathering with others to sing and pray and hear the word proclaimed and hug and feel all the love, but in its own way it is special, too. God is with us; and we can always be with God.

Of course, you can bring your offering next week, or send it in.