Snow. Lights. Camera. Action.

It is good to slow down sometimes, even when you are forced to do so.

I don’t like snow. And I don’t slow down well. But sometimes, two less than desirable things conspire to produce a good thing.

The recent 10″ snowfall in Richmond forced the cancellation of a church leadership dinner and two worship services. I resisted the cancellations for as long as I could–how would the world go on without them?–but reality eventually intruded.

So, for two days I stayed home. I like to stay home. 

And I got to do something I have wanted to do for a long time: I used the webcam on my laptop to produce and post a message for our church.

The production values were not high. I had to do it five times before I figured out all the steps. But it broke the ice for me. I want to do more of this, because I think we can connect with more and different people.

So, thank you, snow.

And thanks for some special time with Jonathan, and Cocoa, too.