Let Them Burn!

I love candles. I wish we could have candles burning all the time, especially in church. I cherish going into old cathedrals with candles burning everywhere.

Christmas is the season of candles. I have many fond Christmas memories of Christmases past as well as many joys of today, but I think it is the candles I may like best.

There is something inviting and warming about a burning candle, showing off the glow of God’s love.

Eva Logue says, “A Christmas candle is a lovely thing; it makes no noise at all, but softly gives itself away.” Perhaps it is the gentleness of the candle I appreciate.

Of course, a candle can also burn you. So candles are powerful, too. For example, Hanukkah candles evoke a powerful story.

Gentle and powerful. Maybe that’s why candles help me think of, and connect with, God.

Let the candles burn brightly this day and night, heralding the Christ child and our God–who never goes out.