5 Golden Books?

Five golden rings…………the fifth day of the “12 Days of Christmas”–the verse on which we get to pause and hold a long note.

Some interpret this five as the first five books of the Bible, the Jewish Torah, which contains so much wisdom about God and how we need God.

I remember “Golden Books” from my childhood. Perhaps we can think of Torah as golden books for all ages.

It also is the fourth day of Kwanaa, observing the principle of Ujamaa, cooperative economics. The early Hebrews clearly knew about cooperative economics, understanding that God did not want them to hurt others economically (strong prohibitions on excessive interest, e.g., and the Year of Jubilee) and actually to care for each other, especially those most in need.

So, perhaps today we can reflect on how we are indeed our neighbor’s keeper, and that our neighbor is in some sense every person. Of course, we can’t care directly for the whole world, but we can pray for the well-being of everyone in the world and we can promote community life that recognizes the worth and dignity of all persons.

That would be a worthy response to the wisdom of Torah and Kwanzaa, and a great way to praise God.