The Truth Will Out

When Proposition 8–overturning marriage equality–passed in California, many of us felt crushed. We were further crushed when the California Supreme Court basically let the vote stand.

Now, there is a federal court challenge to California’s action, on the basis of the constitutional right to equal protection. It is being argued by two leading lawyers, Ted Olsen, a prominent conservative and David Boies, a prominent liberal (they opposed each other in 2000 in Bush v. Gore).

Ted Olsen (l) & David Boies, when the announced their suit last year

Federal Circuit Judge Vaughn Walker is going to decide if the proceedings should be televised. He has invited the public to comment.

Wouldn’t it be great if this important argument could be seen by all?

Olsen and Boies are pressing for televised proceedings because they know the cause of liberty is advanced by open discussion. The other side opposes the cameras.

You can add your voice to those seeking an open courtroom. But you only have until Friday at 9:00 a.m. Go to and add your name to those who want the world to know the truth about equality.