Stub It Out

Smoking cigarettes may be hazardous to your health.

There doesn’t seem to be much debate these days about that.

However, on this date in 1964, when the first Surgeon General’s report was issued, there was a big fuss  about government intruding into private lives and choices. Forty-six years later, we know about second-hand smoke. Even in Virginia, historically a stronghold of the tobacco industry, restaurants are required to be smoke-free (either no smoking or totally adequate ventilation systems in designated areas).

I used to smoke, at one point I consumed 2-3 packs per day. I know it is not easy to quit.

I have friends who still smoke. I pray every day that they find the strength–or the powerlessness, in the 12-step sense–to quit. I want them to stop abusing their sacred bodies. I give God the thanks when someone does quit.

I also pray that young people don’t start. It is easier never to start than it is to stop.

Cigarettes, no. Health, yes.