Clearing away the Piles

I drove to church yesterday. The roads near my house on the south side were passable, in some cases almost bare. This was true even after about a foot of snow over the weekend.

Then, as I got near the church, in the Fan District, the roads were awful. No snow had been plowed. Cars were snow-covered, and often parked at odd angles (presumably where they had tried to get out).

I thought, “Why, right in the city center are things so bad? Why haven’t the plows been here?” Of course, Richmond has little or no snow removal equipment. It doesn’t snow often enough here to justify it. Still, it seemed clear the city crews had been in my area.

Then, as I looked around, it dawned on me. There is no place to put the snow. Space is at a premium.

Sometimes, my life feels like that, too. Things pile up, and I don’t seem to have any place to put them.

That is because I have forgotten God. I can pass anything I can’t handle to God. “Please take this for awhile, God, so I can deal with the stuff I can handle.”

Of course, at some later time, I receive inspiration about what to do, or not to do, about that pile I gave up to God. It is simply amazing what God can do, if we get out of the way.