God Is Not a Terrorist

Recently, I spent some time with a friend who told me about growing up in a family and church where everyone, except maybe the preacher, was destined for hell. She was relieved when, during her teenage years, her family moved, and the family stopped going to church.

Thirty years later, she met the love of her life, who was, and is, a regular churchgoer–every Sunday, and a few times in between. What to do?

Eventually, my friend, tired of being alone on Sunday morning, attended church.

Can it be? The God in this church sounds friendly, loving, caring. The preacher doesn’t condemn anyone, and keeps talking about how God loves all people.

She wonders, “When and how did God change?”

Now, my friend realizes God did not change. God has always been loving. God has never been, and will never be, a terrorist.

Today, God, I give thanks for my friend’s journey (and her partner who showed you to her). I pray that more people will find you, the real you, and that they too will spread the good news of your love for us all. And help me do my part in that, too.