Turn on the Son Lamp

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, I was cursing the snow and the cold, and feeling out of sorts. Today, I cherish the sunshine, and feel much lighter.

It reminds me of when I first lived in Maine. The gray of winter was so long and intense, and I was feeling so depressed, I went to a tanning salon to lie under a sun lamp. My spirits lifted.

Most days, I am able to get a lift from prayer, or from one of Jonathan’s dazzling smiles, or some goofiness or prank by Cocoa. Or all of the above.

Of course, God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always ready to lift me, if I let them. This Sunday evening, at the 6:30 pm Gospel Service, we will sing “Love Lifted Me.” That love comes from God. Indeed, the source of all love is God.

I don’t need to lie under a sun lamp any more, but I could use more time with the Son lamp. No weather, no matter how nasty, no matter if it is caused by Mother Nature or human nature, can withstand that candle-power.

I have seen the Light. I am following the Light. I am living the Light.