Renewing the Connection

Adam and God connecting, from the Sistine Chapel

How we begin each day helps set the course of the day.

Most days, I lie in bed for a minute or so after waking, to say, “Today, God, I rest in you, I share all my thoughts with you and leave my worries with you, trusting you to guide me.”

Of course, I forget this during the day, but I also remember it, and every time I remember, my course is righted and my spirit is balanced again.

During my morning prayer, I always repeat the following: “God, you are, therefore I am. You are with me, and within me. And I am with you and within you.”

Again, I stray from this, but I also return to it many times, remembering whose I am.

As I pray, I also remember these words from Gunilla Norris, “Help me to sit here quietly, help me not so much to plan as to listen. Help me to be informed, as in “shaped from within,” by Your will (I substitute the word “desire”). My burden is so heavy, yours is always light.”

Prayer is not magic, it is connection with the Holy One. When I begin my day reaffirming that connection, life is not only better, it is good.