I Want MY Country Back

I have been watching the Tea Party political phenomenon lately. I am glad people are standing up for what they believe. We are a better nation when we do that.

So, I want to start a counter-movement. Because I don’t agree with much of what I am hearing.

I do agree on one point: politicians have become too chummy with special interests, and money is greasing the system for the big boys and girls.

But I don’t agree that taxes are inherently bad, or that a plan to provide health care for 30 million Americans without it is bad, or that legislation to protect the environment and begin to reverse global warming is a plot to turn us into Europe, or that global warming is a hoax.

And frankly, I am tired of people who seem to be winning the political battles–they have stymied majority Democrats in Washington–claiming they are victims.

I want MY country back, the one that cares about the sick, the elderly, the children; the one that dares to struggle to grant equal rights to oppressed people; the one where all religions (and none) are welcome; the one where owning a gun and being able to carry it into a bar is not the most burning civil rights question of the moment. 

I’d be glad to hear from you–if you disagree or agree. Or if you have a name to suggest for this movement.