Never Too Old to Learn

Yesterday was my day off. Like most such days, I had a lot to do–even some work-related items.

As I checked my list, I felt a knot of anxiety around the need to clean the house (or at least get rid of the worst of the mess and dirt).  My usual plan is do it late in the day, concluding the work by taking out the trash and recyclying for the next morning.

This time, I heard my mother’s voice: “Why don’t you do it now, so you can relax and enjoy the rest of the day?”

Of course, I did not expect to relax exactly (my list was long), but at the same time I knew she was right. I would enjoy the day more if I did the dreaded task first.

A reasonable person might think I, at 63, would not have to be reminded of this simple truth: face into what troubles you and deal with it so it does not fester and cause you more pain and anxiety than is necessary.

I guess this just proves that I am never too old to learn an old trick.