We Are Not Alone

Over the years, I have learned a simple and very successful formula for being unhappy: think only about myself. And especially, dwell on every mistake, every missed opportunity, every hurt, every unfair (and even fair) criticism I have endured.

When I am done with myself, then focus on how others have made mistakes, missed opportunities, hurt others, and been critical. Right now, I can focus on Virginia’s governor and attorney general as they seem completely oblivious to the injuries they are pouring on the LGBT community.

By this time, I am miserable. And usually grumpy and judgmental.

How do I overcome this? I focus on higher things, on God and Jesus especially. I look for the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I see trees standing tall, and flowers blooming, and people being kind to each other. I remember some of the many times when someone gave me a second chance after I made a serious mistake. I remind myself I am not a victim of anything unless I choose to be one.

I can talk, worry, aggravate, myself into a major crisis, and make everything about me.

Or I can remember that I can hand off some things to Jesus, and do my part to fix other things, with others. I am not in life alone. None of us is.