Don’t Forget to Be

Today is the first day of my three-month Renewal (the more traditional term is “sabbatical’).

The quiet has been grand. I like quiet, I draw sustenance from silence.

Yesterday was anything but quiet, and it too was grand. The beautiful folks at MCC Richmond, whom I serve and lead, gave me an absolutely wonderful send-off (moving worship, wonderful meal, and totally unexpected, awesome gifts). I am touched and honored. What a way to begin–feeling all that love and hope and joy!

And they are on Renewal, too, learning about how to do church without a full-time pastor. I know they are going to exceed their own expectations.

I doubt we will learn exactly the same things on our respective Renewals, but I already am learning one thing: slow down, take time to breathe, see the beauty around me, feel the love of Jonathan and Cocoa and God.

And that is a good learning for everyone: do what needs to be done, but don’t forget that we are created by God as human beings, not human doings.