Smiling with the Trees

As Cocoa and I have been taking walks, and working and playing in the yard (he plays, I work but sometimes I play, too), I notice things changing.

For example, you can already begin to see some of the trees beginning to change–buds getting fatter, even a few beginning to show color on the branches as leaves begin to get ready to burst into view.  It almost seems to me that some of them are standing taller, just proud to be showing off their beauty.

The noted landscape architect and naturalist, Dan Pearson, writes that “trees are one of the keystones of life.” He means that trees provide an invaluable link to the past, as they also provide us with a sense of provision for the future.

I simply love trees. They represent spiritual strength and hope for me. Once again, as spring unfolds, I will witness their glory, and be reminded of God.

As Pearson also says, “A tree in flower is like a life change for the better. It will make people smile and put them in the moment.”

I am smiling.