A Bit of Personal Resurrection

It had been a long time since I was not in my home church on Easter Sunday.  Frankly, I was feeling considerable anxiety.

After a web search of congregations in Santa Barbara, CA (where Jonathan and I are visiting family) I had chosen to worship with First Congregational Church (part of the United Church of Christ). As we arrived and were warmly greeted, my anxiety receded. By the time we left, we realized we’d come back again on our next Santa Barbara trip.

Friendly people, with a declared committed to being an open and affirming congregation (for queer folks); a woman minister who had beautiful long, gray hair and a very open manner; a gifted pianist/organist as well as two trumpet players (Bach and Hayden)–what was not to like? Besides, we got to sing “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today!”

Most of all, I appreciated the spiritual quality of the minister and how she arranged the liturgy. I learned several things from her, and was reminded of some gifts that I had been ignoring in myself.

I felt some inner resurrection myself, and that is always a good thing, especially on Easter.