Lesbian Saints Making a New Man

I grew up on classical music and Episcopal Church music. I cherish them both.

But as an adult, if you ask me my favorite musical types, I’d say Blues and Gospel. Depending on my mood, I might put them in reverse order.  

And this week, I’m getting both.

Jonathan and I went to the Gay Community Center of Richmond last night for a concert by Gaye Adegbalola and her pianist/singing colleague, Roddy Barnes. My feet never stopped tapping, my tears and laughter never stopped streaming . . . they are simply the best.

Nobody channels Bessie Smith the way Gaye can, and she takes Bessie and Ma Rainey, Ida Cox and all the rest, places nobody ever dreamed by doing her own Queer thing.

But if Gaye is First Dyke of the Blues, then Delores Berry is the Queen of Gospel.

Rev. Delores Berry at MCC Richmond 2009

And I’m driving to Pennsylvania this week to spend a couple of days with her and her beloved Judy. The purpose of my visit is to learn more about my spiritual voice. I want it to be stronger.

I figure that Rev. Delores Berry–who prays and sings and sighs and laughs and preaches and hugs and loves with a power unlike just about any one else I have ever known–can teach me a thing or two.

Talk about renewal–these two lesbian saints are making a new man out of me. 

Glory Halleujah!