Baking Bread Together

I heard a fine sermon on Sunday, by Rev. Kevin Downer at achurch4me?MCC in Chicago.

Rev. Kevin made bread dough during his sermon, to model how God takes the various elements of life (everything, even messy, yucky stuff) and brings them together to create new loaves to feed people. God is always expanding the loaf of life, he said, and God asks us to do that, too. We are part of The Divine Bread Company.

Sometimes, I think there are two kinds of people: those who want to create more bread so that everyone has the bread they need, and those who want to make sure that only the right people have bread.

As I engage in political, social and spiritual/religious activism, it can be so easy to see those on the other side as unworthy of bread–especially if they are denying it to others. I see the righteousness of my cause as so powerful–in contrast to the unrighteousness of theirs–that it feels right to wipe them off the human map.

But the way of God is transformation, not annihilation (despite the writers of Genesis and others). Transformation is change from the inside out, so that the loaf of human dignity grows.

Let us not only break, but also bake, bread together.