Steady and Loyal Wins the Race

As I approach the seventh anniversary of my coming to Richmond, I am aware that pastoring requires steadiness, and loyalty to the people God calls into the community of faith.

Rev. Joe Cobb

During my Renewal, I have had occasion to muse and pray about this pastor-to-congregation relationship, and also to celebrate the faithfulness of others. 

Just last weekend, Jonathan and I drove to Hampton Roads to share in celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ordination of Rev. Reg Richburg, Pastor or New Life MCC. We have cherished Reg, and beautiful Suzie, since our New York MCC days, and are thrilled ministry brings Reg to Virginia.

And this Sunday, I am driving to Roanoke to participate in the installation of Rev. Joe Cobb as Pastor of MCC of the Blue Ridge. Joe is a newer friend, but already very dear to me.

Rev. Reg Richburg

Both congregations have gone through some struggles in the past few years, but they remained faithful. I believe God is blessing them with Reg and Joe.

I am so grateful that when the going got tough in Richmond a few years ago, Jesus (and some good folks at MCC) helped me and many others to stay, and for still others to come. We have shared in great joys and challenges, and continue to do so. 

And I am glad to share ministry with Reg and Joe (and others, too).