Not My Cellphone

Cocoa and I were out walking this morning when we met a woman and two adorable little beagles.

The beagles barked a lot while I tried to contain Cocoa–the dogs so wanted to play. I was proud of him, though, because even though he pulled and pulled he did not bark much at all.

I might have suggested to the woman that the dogs play a little bit, or at least sniff each other, but she was walking quickly and absorbed in a cellphone conversation. In fact, she seemed more engaged in that conversation than in the dogs, and certainly had no time for us.

I take my cellphone on walks, too, in case of an emergency. But I walk Cocoa because I want him to have good exercise. I love him, and I enjoy walking with him, cherishing our time together. Walking is also a time for my physical exercise and spiritual connection with God.

But I am clear that first and foremost I am walking Cocoa. Not my cellphone.