Gratefully Unfinished

Some years ago, when I participated in a personality inventory through a church program called P.L.A.C.E., I faced the truth: I am not a patient person. Through most of my life, I have been in a hurry.

Since then, I have been focused on slowing down. Slowly!

But, I fall back on old ways. Right now, I am frustrated because my gardening is way behind schedule, I have not read everything I wanted during Renewal/sabbatical, and other projects are undone, too–and the 90-day term is drawing to a close.

The Unplanted Garden

I wanted to have my vegetable garden planted, new flower beds made and planted, all the trees and bushes trimmed, etc. Little of that is completed. And I go away this weekend to Ohio for a family visit.

At one point, I became really discouraged. Then, I remembered: progress, not perfection.

Instead of moaning how little is done, can I enjoy a feeling of greater closeness with this almost half-acre we call home? Can I appreciate that I have a keener sense of how I want things to be, but that it will take more time than I thought? Can I be grateful that I have more than enough pleasurable gardening to do here for the rest of my life?

Help me, God, to truly accept the gift of this space, and to be filled with gratitude for what I am able to accomplish.