Grateful Remembrance

Tomorrow, I am flying to one of my favorite cities, Boston.

Episcopal Divinity School, campus center

But this is not an ordinary sight-seeing trip. Instead, I am going in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my graduation from the Episcopal Divinity School (EDS).

The school is actually in Cambridge, across the Charles River from Boston, next to Harvard. I will enjoy walking around Harvard Square, seeing old haunts and marveling at how things have changed.

This visit is also a time of remembrance of big personal changes in my life–some joyous, some painful. I came out as a gay man while in seminary, Judy and I divorced, and I met my first lover, Marvin, while there. As a result of all that, I also heard from my home Episcopal Church in Michigan that I need not come back.

Encouraged by several wonderful faculty mentors, I finished my M.Div. anyway, and went on to a doctoral progam in New York. But, at the same time, I began a long period of wandering in and out of the church, trying to figure out where home is.

Now, of course, I know where home is: MCC and Richmond, VA. But I shall be forever grateful to EDS for being a place of extraordinary spiritual nurture and wisdom that helped me find and claim important truths in my life.