Let the Renewal Continue!

Thirty-two years yesterday–June 11, 1978–some intrepid souls gathered for the first worship service of Metropolitan Community Church of Richmond. They bravely renewed their relationship with Jesus, and invited others to do so as well.

Ninety days ago, I began Renewal (sabbatical), as did all those who carry on the life of the church those pioneers began. I am grateful for the renewal period that is drawing to a close, and am grateful to the pioneers who began it all.

I am stronger for this time of rest, study, and reflection–and I know that as I return to church tomorrow to join in the anniversary celebration I will see that the entire community has been strengthened.

I have spent much of the Renewal learning more about spiritual leadership. One thing I know above all others from study and prayer these past 90 days is this: spiritual leadership arises from spirit-centered living.

Thus, as I begin a gradual return to pastoral duties over the next month, I am committed to living and leading a new way: putting regular spiritual practice at the center of my life and work.

Renewing at 32–and for me, at almost twice that age!–is only the beginning. Let the renewal continue, trusting in the Spirit!