Feel the Power

My parents never forced me to clean my plate, but they did insist I try every food on it. They also insisted that I take my vitamins–and any other medication that was prescribed. And they regularly attended church, and made it seem natural that I would, too.

Today, in an effort not to gain more weight, I am leaving food on my plate (and taking smaller portions). I will try any food except eggplant and animal flesh. I go to church, even on sabbatical.

And I take my vitamins, and other medications, morning and night.

I especially take Vitamin G twice every day–always in the morning and often at night, and a Vitamin G supplement several other times during the day.

Never heard of Vitamin G? It is available all the time, everywhere, although you won’t find it on the shelves at CVS, RiteAid, Martin’s or Food Lion, or even any of the finest speciality stores.

So where will you find it? Stop, be quiet, and listen; or perhaps say a few words of prayer. Turn your thoughts heavenward, or look around you at natural beauty, or gaze deeply into the eyes of a loved one.

And feel the power of Vitamin G.