Of Elegance and Grit

My daughter Emily and I have spent two-plus days in “paradise,” as we have come to call the Fairmont Princess Acapulco Resort. It is  simply beautiful and well-designed–like the peacocks that strut around the grounds. The pools are pristine, the flowers and palm trees glorious, the help unfailingly friendly, the food very high quality (and expensive).

But part of today we spent in the “real” Acapulco, the commercial center where native Acapulcans (I made that up) actually work and live. There are no peacocks there, not even on the long strip of beach that lies between the water and the commercial area. Instead, savvy entrepreneurs tried to sell us lots of things, just as they did on the side streets we walked searching for the particular bus company Emily hopes will take her back to her home in Oaxaca on Sunday.

Getting around like that is made possible by Emily’s fluency in Spanish (even though she looks very gringa). She also got us to a fabulous natural foods restaurant where I had delicious vegetarian tacos (reasonably priced) and we shared a very refreshing drink made of spearmint leaves, lemon, sugar, and water (see picture).

God’s world is a wondrous place, especially when you can experience both grittiness and elegance. My prayer is that all the people in the world have such freedom.