It’s All Good, Even When It’s Hard

It always happens.

We have a great visit, seeing sights, reminiscing, making jokes that only family understands, and catching up on the latest in our lives.

Then, the time comes to part, to return to our regular lives. And the wave of sadness washes over me. I experience situational depression.

It just happened again. Emily and I had a wonderful three-plus days together in Acapulco. Then, it is 11:00 am, walking her to the cab that will take her to her bus home to Oaxaca. She negotiates with the driver, puts her bag in the trunk, turns to me for a final hug, gets in the cab. We wave. She is gone.

It was 27 years ago that her mother and I separated and then divorced, but I still am hit hard when any one, or all, of my daughters  and I separate. It is as if I am back to that fateful day in 1983 when I moved out.

Of course, it passes; I know we will be together again. We will talk on the phone and Skype, and write. Besides, we just had this fabulous visit. I have pictures, and memories, to prove it. And here I am, still in Acapulco, with a wondrous collection of MCC friends.

It’s all good, as my friend Amy says. Even when it’s hard.