An Exercise in Body-Building, Part 2

In my previous post I discussed my decision to stop wearing long, dangly earrings–in the belief that it will help MCC Richmond retain more people who visit our faith community.

Of course, my ears and their decoration are not so powerful that now we will enjoy unparalleled growth. Nor am I  solely responsible for people not returning after their first or second visit to MCC Richmond!

However, I am responsible for seeking ways to advance the kin-dom of God through Jesus Christ. This includes looking in the mirror to see what I may be doing that is getting in the way of that goal.

For a long time, I have wanted our church to grow–in spiritual health, in vision and sense of mission, in infrastructure, in financial stability, in commitment to justice–but, despite my desires, I often stood in the way. I did not mean to, but by going along with a system that required all things to be approved, or at least touched in some way, by the pastor, I limited our growth to what I could reach. I am a tall guy, with long arms, but my reach is still limited.

Today, I am doing more to empower and equip leaders, and teams of leaders, knowing that multiple power centers, working together, produce far more growth than one power center (who can easily be a bottle-neck).

Change, especially personal change, is often difficult, but the rewards can be phenomenal (even divine).