Jesus Laughed

Do you remember the passage in the New Testament where Jesus laughed?

I don’t. The gospel writers forgot to include that part.

And yet I know he laughed. I am sure he laughed at the wedding in Cana. I am sure he laughed at–and with–the disciples quite a few times. Surely, they told each other some jokes. He had to laugh with the children.

I bet Jesus danced, too–probably at the wedding. I am sure he dances today with all of us. This came to me Saturday night at the dance following the wedding of my friends Jane and Gay. As I danced a bit, and watched others do so more, I thought, “I bet Jesus is really enjoying himself tonight!”

In other words, although he was serious and he taught and healed and cared and died, he also knew how to have fun, to enjoy life. And he enjoys life with us today.

The next time you’re down in the dumps, think of Jesus–not just the Jesus with good advice and love for you, but also the one that laughs and dances. Let him bring joy to your heart.