Do We Want to Recover?


Its what many want, but its something hard to achieve. And what recovery means varies widely, depending on your situation.

For 15+ million Americans, recovery means a job. For others, it means restoration of the value of their 401k or 503b or other investments, or saving their mortgage. For still others, it may mean their loved one coming home from war–and for  others, it means getting their health back to a good place (or finally having affordable health coverage). And of course, for yet others, it means getting, and staying, sober and clean from whatever addiction destroys life.

In other words, we need a whole array of recoveries. But most of all, we need a recovery of spiritual well-being. Spiritually, as a nation, we are in a mess. As a social organism, we are growing ever more dysfunctional.

A solution many seem to be adopting these days is demonizing others, calling people names, impugning the legitimacy of our government (and our president). That is dysfunction building on dysfunction.

Its time for us, as people of a great nation, to leave our self-righteous anger at the door, and engage in dialogue. Time to stop the shouting matches.

If we want to recover, we have to stop pointing accusatory fingers at others, and begin listening to each other and examining ourselves. And for those of who are believers, we have to get on our knees and pray, listening to God (by whatever name).