Just Say “No” to Speed

I have become captive to speed.

No, I don’t mean the hallucinogenic drug . . . well, not literally anyway. But this need I have for my computer to run faster and for the mechanical voice on cell phones to finish the instructions more quickly–it is a drug of sorts.

More to the point, my To Do list grows longer and I feel under more pressure. My response is so often to stretch the work day and to produce more, faster.

Yesterday was such a day. Tuesday is my day to work at home, a time to do reflective work, performing tasks that require quiet and peace and non-interruption to come out best.

It was quiet here in terms of external noise–just me and Cocoa all day long while Jonathan was at his office. But I was anything but quiet. I felt the insistent push to produce yet one more thing, one more thing, one more thing. My list became a taskmaster, a “slavedriver” if you will, rather than a helpful guide.

I want, I need, to change this. Pastoring, not to mention my well-being, requires a more balanced way of living.  

Attitude matters. Today I commit to being less driven by speed demons, trusting God to see me through.