Peace Is the Language of God

Today, yet again, the leader of Israel and the leader of the Palestinian Authority meet to try to talk peace.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

The world is skeptical that anything will come of it.

And yet, is it not time for peace? Is it not always time for peace–or at least to stop senseless violence that destroys dreams, maims and kills children (both body and spirit), and leaves untold hardship in its wake?

These two men, and their allies, are learning to speak a new language–the language of peace–which is, at the same time,their native tongue, because it is the language with which they were born. Peace is the language of God.

Palestinian Authority President Abbas

This is not some distant event, not involving us. Indeed, their efforts will not succeed without us.We pray today for them, pray for them to let the God of their understandings guide them to a different conclusion than the other times. We pray for them to put aside the grievances of the past and present, to see a different future, where lives bloom and peoples thrive, side by side.

Let us pray today, and every day, that their tongues may become untwisted from the impediments of war and animosity, and begin to speak the simple, powerful, life-giving truth of peace.